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Affiliation with the Univeristy of Utah


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Enter Into a Strategic Affiliation?
Mountain West Medical Center is dedicated to providing the highest quality care to our community. This affiliation agreement with University of Utah Health Care supports that effort by streamlining coordination of care and services with a nationally ranked and regionally respected healthcare organization.  

While Mountain West will maintain our independence, this agreement provides a platform to improve collaboration with University of Utah Health Care and enhances our efforts to improve care. It also increases access to specialty care not available in our community.  The agreement also improves coordination after a patient is referred to the University of Utah for care and then returns home.

What Will the Arrangement Mean?
Affiliation with University of Utah Health Care will support Mountain West’s goal to meet the health care needs of our community by providing accessible, high-quality, coordinated and cost-effective care.  Mountain West will have access to the resources of University of Utah Health Care to improve our operational practices, evidence-based care, access to specialty care, and much more. 

The affiliation does not change Mountain West Medical Center’s ownership, local control and governance, or restrict patient choice in providers.

Why is Mountain West Interested in the Affiliation?
Mountain West Medical Center understands that the healthcare industry is evolving.  Many of these changes can be positive for our community.  We are placing greater emphasis on improving the overall wellness of our community and ensuring that when patients are treated for medical problems, they will receive the best care in the most appropriate setting at a cost-effective price with timely communication between healthcare providers. At Mountain West we are committed to achieving these goals. By affiliating with the University of Utah Health Care we have a partner to help us with this commitment. 

By working together our organizations are better positioned to meet the requirements of healthcare reform and continue to provide outstanding care. For these reasons and because of the similarities in our cultures and philosophy to care for all members of our communities, the University of Utah Health Care is our partner of choice.

Why is the University of Utah Health Care Interested in the Affiliation?
As an academic medical center, University of Utah Health believes it has an obligation to share its resources, clinical expertise, research and educational capabilities with healthcare providers throughout the region.  By affiliating with other quality driven organizations, UUHC is committed to a collaborative approach to improving patient care. University of Utah Health is committed to assisting Mountain West support the health in our community, while also providing seamless access to services offered by UUHC. University of Utah Health Care seeks to earn the designation as the referral center of choice for the types of care not offered locally. 

How will this Benefit Patients and Communities?
Mountain West will have access to the resources and clinical expertise of a top ranked academic medical center. The agreement gives our patients enhanced access to services not currently provided at Mountain West such as high-risk obstetrics and neonatology, advanced cardiovascular care, cancer care, neurosciences and trauma and transplant services. Our combined efforts will focus on improving community health, relying on evidence-based medicine to improve quality, and cost controls.

Does this Preclude Either Organization from Affiliating with Other Health Systems?
No.  While University of Utah Health Care will work diligently to become the primary partner for Mountain West the opportunity to collaborate with other facilities remains open.

Will this Affiliation Restrict Any Services or Programs Offered By Mountain West Medical?
No.  Mountain West will continue to determine which services and programs will be offered by the hospital. 

Will Patients be Able to Choose Their Healthcare Professionals?
Yes. Patient referrals are not required between our organizations and patients may continue to select their healthcare providers.

Will the Affiliation Change Either Organization’s Mission and Values?
No.  Both organizations will continue to maintain their respective mission and values.  

Will there be Any Fees Charged to Mountain West Medical for the Affiliation Agreement?
There are no fees associated with entering into the Agreement.  Costs associated with the development of joint services, equipment and software purchases, specialized staffing (including physicians) and other programs will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.