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Labor & Delivery Services

We’re eagerly awaiting your arrival. Mountain West Medical Center’s labor and delivery department is fully equipped to make your delivery experience a happy, healthy one. From a highly trained obstetrics team to a comfortable environment and caring staff, we’re here to help you prepare for labor, delivery, and your postpartum experience, all close to home.

We offer:

    • TeleNICU 24/7 in affiliation with University of Utah Health
    • Complimentary special meal for new parents
    • Flat screen TVs
    • Laboring tub for those who wish to use it
    • Wireless monitoring for mom’s in labor so they can move around freely
    • Private, spacious rooms with great views
    • Pullout couch for dad
    • Soft ambient lighting
    • Skin-to-skin contact with baby immediately following delivery
    • C-section suite
    • Rooms for hysterectomy and other female surgery patients to recover
    • Competent, compassionate, and knowledgeable staff
    • Respect for individual birth plans, within reason for safe and positive outcomes
    • Lactation consultation

Mountain West Medical Center Recognized as a 'Birthing-Friendly' Facility

Mountain West Medical Center Recognized as a “Birthing-Friendly” Facility

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS’) Care Compare tool has a new feature that allows consumers to find hospitals and health systems with a Birthing-Friendly designation, indicating it participates in a state or national perinatal quality improvement program. Birthing-Friendly is the first-ever CMS designation to describe high-quality maternity care. “I am extremely proud of our entire team at Mountain West Medical Center as we earn the international Birthing-Friendly designation.” said Jennifer Raiford, RN, Director of Labor & Delivery Services at Mountain West Medical Center.

“We pride ourselves in evidence-based perinatal quality measures and will continue our dedication to improving maternal health. We are honored to be recognized as a CMS Birthing-Friendly facility.” added Raiford. Eighty percent of pregnancy-related deaths are preventable, and Black, American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander people have the highest rates of pregnancy-related death. Pregnant and postpartum people from some racial and ethnic minority groups are also more likely to have negative healthcare experiences during pregnancy and delivery that impact the quality of care they receive and health outcomes. The Birthing-Friendly designation is a step towards ensuring that all pregnant and postpartum people can find high-quality maternity care. “As maternal health inequities persist across the nation, the designation offers a tangible marker of the evidence-based practices that hospitals can pursue to close these gaps and ultimately provide the kind of care all parents deserve,” said Chiquita Brooks-LaSure, CMS Administrator.


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